I'm really annoyed right now... ugh. Ask my husband, I'm a little OCD about how my clothing is put away, and how I organize things... it has to be done a certain way or it annoys the CRAP out of me! We have Elah's room set up and organized, however I'm still annoyed with it. Granted, she's not going to be "living" in there for several months, she'll be sleeping in our room in her bassinet for a while, BUT her clothes, diapers, and other belongings live in her room! It's really bothering me having all these bigger sized clothes in her closet, and I'm not happy with how I have her onesies and newborn clothes stored in baskets... its REALLY bothering me.

I love you Justin, and I know your going to read this, so I'll be nice. BUT UGH!

He is already annoyed with me about redoing her room over and over... but I'm sorry :( I can't help it that it bugs me! I finally have her diapers up on her shelf the way I want... but everything else is bugging me :-\ I wish we could afford to buy more storage items to organize her things... but we can't. So I'm making do.... but her clothes are bugging me. REALLY bugging me!

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stacy said...

Sweetie in a few weeks you will be going through those onesies so quickly you will just be happy that you have clean ones :)