I WILL sleep tonight!

I wish I had found this earlier in my pregnancy... would have been neat to keep up with! I guess maybe I can do it each week until she's here... which hopefully will be SOON!

How far along? 37 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: It has fluctuated the entire time.... as of my last appointment I was 2 lbs under my starting pre pregnancy weight!

Maternity clothes? I can only wear maternity pants (unless I'm home in pjs or sweats), but the majority of my tops are just regular shirts or sweaters I can wear after I have Elah as well!

Stretch marks? They are EVERYWHERE. Ugh.

Sleep: Nonexistant pretty much... but I'm determined to get some rest some way, some how!

Best moment this week: Finding out I'm 1cm dialated... not that it really means anything. I could be 1cm now until 40 weeks+, but I'm thinking positive!

Movement: She moves when she feels like it! At my NST on Friday she tried to sleep the entire time... ofcourse when the nurse would move the sensor thing, Elah would kick the crap out of it and go back to sleep. And as soon as my appointment was over and I got to the car... she was moving all over the place! How stubborn!

Food cravings: Today I craved Taco Bell... the rest of the week I've been devouring fruit and Dr. Pepper.

Gender: She's a stubborn little princess!

Labor Signs: I have Braxton Hicks... some lower back aches... but nothing more than that. BOO!

Belly Button in or out? My belly button is gross... it's kind of half in/half out... again. Gross!

Wedding rings on or off? Wedding rings are off, but J bought me a "pregnancy" replacement that I wear all the time :)

What I miss: HOT HOT baths, shaving my own legs, not having feet lodged in my ribs, and SLEEP.

What I am looking forward to: meeting my daughter! Please Elah!? Can you come soonish?

Weekly Wisdom: The more you want it.... the longer it will take. I have a bad feeling that I'm going to be overdue :(

Milestones: We are considered full term!

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