Project 365: Day 63

Today is Justin's 24th Birthday!!! I would love nothing more than to throw him these huge birthday bashes every year (I LOVE birthdays) but he is just NOT into that at all! He doesn't like having a day dedicated to him, he doesn't like the attention... and most birthdays he's just a grumpy mess. So I devised a plan...

Originally, after a bit of scheming between Janelle and I... the 3 oldest Flints were going to stay overnight and just make a ginormous mess. However, one of the first things Justin said when I told him we would be babysitting the 5 Flints the night before his birthday was that he was fine with it... as long as they went home that night! LOL! So plan had to be reschemed and so I kept Justin from doing laundry and any kind of cleaning for a week (I know! Ew!) with the excuse that I would try my hardest to get it cleaned all by myself on his birthday.

Now, I am seriously huge and pregnant... I feel like a whale. So I know that there was no way I could actually do this by myself. And I am SO glad that Janelle loves me and was willing to help! She did all of the "chemical" cleaning... aka kitchen, bathroom, and the laundry room floor. I've avoided doing any kind of cleaning with cleaners this entire pregnancy... I don't care WHAT anyone says, it makes ME nervous! And nauseus! I did the vacuuming, laundry, and putting the million things away that were scattered around the house. I even managed to do a little rearranging... and I'm very happy with our finished clean apartment... all ready for Justin to enjoy on his birthday, and ready for Miss Elah to come home too!

Janelle rocks... she even did the dishes!

 Tables all clean, carpets are vacuumed!
 Laundry room was wiped, swept, and mopped. And I finished the monster load of laundry... it was ridiculous!
 I got all the stuff out of Elah's room that had accumulated, with the exception of the things on the right bottom corner.... my hospital bag, Elah's bag, my boppy pillow, and the carseat are piled over there ready to go!
 We moved the swing out into the living room and turned the bassinet... now I can get out of bed to pee 50 million times in the middle of the night without hurtin gmyself lol. The only thing I didn't do today was make the bed... however I may be climbing in it pretty soon!
 Bathroom is fresh and clean!
Thank you Janelle, you rock! Next time we'll talk JoyAnn and Jesse into cleaning with Elah's here... we'll bribe them with cleaning the toilet or changing a poopy diaper ;-)

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