I Lied... One Last Post. *39 Weeks*

How far along? 39 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight as of Thursday.

Maternity clothes? I'm uncomfortable, so I avoid wearing jeans... even maternity jeans if possible. Sweats and pjs are SO much more comfy!

Stretch marks? same old same old

Sleep: Well... I've gotten up between 5:30am-8am every morning... then I fall back asleep a couple hours later for about 2 hours EVERY day. This morning, J woke me up at 4:30am to say Merry Christmas... and I'm still awake. I'm sure I'll crash at some point.

Best moment this week: Seeing my family for our annual Christmas Eve get together... can't wait for Elah to meet everyone!

Movement: She's running out of room... constantly have knees and feet jabbing me in the sides and ribs!

Food cravings: Fruit... particularly pineapple

Gender: Pretty pretty princess...

Labor signs: Still have minor menstrual like cramping, occasionally lower back pain... haven't lost anymore of my plug since about Wednesday. I'm really hoping to start seeing some more definite signs soon.

Belly button in or out? It officially sticks out just enough to see it through a tshirt. But it's still an innie/outie lol

Wedding rings on or off? Still wearing my "replacement" ring

What I miss: Seeing my feet, cold lunch meat sandwiches, jeans w/buttons and zippers to hold them up, all my hoodies that won't fit over my bump

What am I looking forward too: Holding her, loving on her, meeting her...

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking to what I said last week... It's really ok to whine and complain... no matter what anyone says. If it makes you feel better, then WHINE AWAY MOMMA!

Milestones: Ummm... not sure. Haven't had much happen this week!


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