Chugging Along...

Today was my 36 week appointment... this appointment included a NST (non stress test), normal measurements (I'm measuring just above 35 weeks), Group B Strep test, and my first cervical check! All of that only took an hour, which was a relief considering we had to go to the hospital afterwards for a hospital tour of the labor & delivery floor, and recovery rooms tour!

The NST went well, only problem was that Elah kept flipping and flopping and so the nurse had a hard time picking up her heartbeat. It was obviously there, because she would pick it up and then you'd hear all this static when Elah would move out of the way... I'm thinking she wanted to be left alone! LOL! Like I said before, I'm measuring about a week behind, which isn't bad, the midwife said that as long as you're within 2 weeks (so for me that would be between 34-38 weeks) then you're good! Group B Strep was quick and painless, hopefully it will come back negative so that I don't need to be put on antibiotics at the hospital... especially considering they will have to find an alternative to Penicillin since I'm allergic!

The midwife checked my cervix to see if I was dialated and she said I was! 1 whole centimeter.... big whoop! I could be at 1cm FOREVER... oh well! She said she could feel Elah's head and that my cervix was soft... which is GREAT! Now let's just hope and pray I start progressing sooner than later... I'm ready to sign the eviction notice!

After the appointment we headed to Target to kill a little bit of time before our hospital tour... found some pants to match the Christmas onsie we bought in case Elah is here in time for Christmas, a desk calendar for school for next semester, and J needed deodarant. Then we headed to the hospital... and Justin said, "I sure hope your birthing class teacher isn't our tour guide!" He doesn't dislike her really, she's just very peppy... BUT very informative... and guess what!??!?! She was our tour guide! I had seen the mother & baby ward, where you go after giving birth... so that wasn't anything new, but it was neat to see the Labor & Delivery floor... I hope that I get into a water world room!

Well, that's it really. I'm so ready to meet my baby girl! I'll be 37 weeks on Saturday, so Janelle and I are going to start walking like crazy!!!! Miss Elah will be here before we know it!

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