I've had this runny snotty nose for about a week now... and I woke up this morning feeling like death. Ok. I'm being dramatic, I don't feel like death, but I do feel pretty awful! My throat is sore, my head is pounding and I can't breathe. On top of that, my entire body hurts from doing so much cleaning... which I don't regret but boy did it take a toll on my body! The only meds I've taken during this pregnancy was phenagren in the beginning and then zofran... and the ONLY reason I took them was to help me get through the day without puking everywhre. (I know, ew.) Other than that, nadda. I would love to down some nyquil right now and just put myself into a nap coma and wake up feeling brand new... but that's not going to happen!

Despite feeling icky, I'm happy to say that Justin actually enjoyed his birthday surprise yesterday! I guess typically a stay at home mom/wife would be doing that kind of cleaning all the time... but you might be surprised to know that Justin enjoys doing the cleaning and such on his own! I was incredibly blessed to find a man who loves to cook and clean! Doesn't mean I never clean or cook... but it does mean that I get out of it a LOT! LOL! He's an amazing cook, and he can make amazing boneless buffalo wings.... my favorite!

Also... every year the weekend near J's birthday is a special weekend in our hometown! We have an event called Holly Jolly downtown where all the little shops stay open late and serve free refreshments (like cookies, hot chocolate and cider)... there are luminaries lined up on the streets and around the lake... it's a lot of fun! Then on Saturday morning we have our Christmas parade. In high school I marched 3 years with the marching band in this parade. Practically the whole town shows up! Hopefully I'll start feeling better in time to really enjoy Holly jolly tonight.

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Janelle Flint said...

I'm sorry you don't feel well. I HAD to take something the last two weeks with Joseph I had SUCH a bad head cold. Just remember if momma doesn't feel well and can't rest, baby doesn't feel well. Call MAHEC and see what they recommend. It's ok Sarah :)