I've been working on putting some music on my Itunes for the hospital, and as I was going through my CD's I came across several burnt CD's that J and I made for eachother when we first started dating. It got me to thinking about the first few months of our relationship, how I fell head over heels for this shy, KISS fanatic. Then I started thinking about the first moment when I just KNEW I was going to marry him... I already knew that I was falling for him in the first few weeks of our relationship, but the turning point for me was in the reaction of one of my favorite kids.

I talk about my little Flint Monsters a lot, I know... but they are a huge part of my life, as is there mommy, Janelle. When I first met them Janelle was pregnant with JoyAnn and Jesse, and Joseph was 2 1/2 and hadn't been diagnosed with autism yet. I started babysitting them when the babies were around 6 months old, and at the time Joseph was at a stage where he didn't want to be touched or talked too... there were many nights of babysitting where he would just scream at me. Obviously he has grown out of that, and I understood that it wasn't because I was doing something wrong but because he just couldn't handle that attention yet.

So, a year later the twins were 1 and Joseph was getting ready to turn 4 and I was in this new exciting relationship with Justin. I had to get Janelle's approval ofcourse ;-) and asked if I could bring him over to meet her family. We walk in the door and step into their living room and within 5 minutes of meeting Justin, Joseph is hugging him, talking to him, and wanting to sit on his lap. Now... this just didn't happen! Joseph acted like he had known Justin his entire life... it took me MONTHS for Joseph to allow me to hold him or talk to him without screaming, and here walks in my boyfriend and Joseph immediately is drawn to him. I KNEW in those moments that I would marry this man. If my sweet little buddy JoJo could see how amazing Justin was, then I knew he was the one for me.

Joseph still adores my husband, he frequently asks if we can have pizza dates and watch movies and invite Justin to come along. I thought a lot about this today and it still amazes me that that one simple interaction between two boys that I adore set the path I would choose to take. What a blessing you are JoJo! And how lucky am I to have an amazing hubby, who despite his shyness allowed a little boy to love on him no matter how uncomfortable it made him! LOL!

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